Fracture Series

I was unable to get to the studio during the first lockdown of 2020 so I started drawing for the first time in 8 years! It was one of the only ways to stay creative and it helped process or block out the new chaos we found ourselves in.

The drawings I was producing were more angular and linear than my usual soft and spiralling sculptures. Perhaps an unconscious reaction to the unsettling situation I found myself in, I started to embrace the new style and Fracture Series is a result of exploring those straight lines.

The sharp angles of the series may appear aggressive, perhaps threatening; but I was determined to bring some joy and hope into an uncertain world so I added a pop of colour to each of the sculptures and a bright light to provide some positive energy and hope after a difficult year. I chose to mount the works on mirror polished stainless steel plinths so the sculptures appear to float and the surrounding space is reflected back to viewer, giving a subtle feeling of lightness.