MB x Rod McIntosh
MB x Rod McIntosh
MB x Rod McIntosh

MB x Rod McIntosh

34 x 36cm

Rod McIntosh: Ink on Chinese mulberry paper, 400gsm cartridge substrate

Mark Beattie: Gold leaf on aluminium wire

A beautiful, sensitive response from Rod McIntosh highlights exactly what my Love Knot Collaboration is trying to capture. Here are two different art styles, connecting to form an artwork that's beautifully balanced and instils a sense of peace in the viewer. The two ink gestures, familiar but separated are being pulled together by the gold leaf love knot, tying them into an embrace.

Why Did We Collaborate?
I first met Rod when exhibiting at The Other Art Fair; I've always loved the calmness in his work. We have a number of galleries in common so our work has followed one another round to various art fairs and exhibitions over the years which resulted in us forming a bond. We often meet up between art fairs to offer each other advice and share ideas.
It was a great experience collaborating with Rod; we would share images of works in progress and every decision on composition was made together. I asked Rod for one piece and being the perfectionist he is, he sent me 7 - each one as beautiful as the next. The reason we chose this one is because it speaks of separation but familiarity. The two darker ink gestures could be read as individuals that are unable to hug, perhaps a parent and child or two old friends. The lighter grey in the background unites the two in a warm cloud of memories.

More about Rod McIntosh - www.rodmcintosh.co.uk
Process is central to Rod's practice. His mark making has a fluidity and honesty that reveals itself through a muted pallet of monotones. This lends the work a striking and minimal appearance, which coalesces with the quiet sensitivity to his materials, time invested and action.